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Most influential words

choose the best words for your notifications

In the "Most influential words" charts we show you the words that are having the greatest impact, those that have been used in the notification headlines with the highest open rate, CTR. To make this possible, every weekend our system will analyze the words that are repeated more than 3 times in immediate or scheduled campaigns of the last 90 days with more than 100 deliveries.

The size and color of the words used in the clouds is determined by their relevance:

As an example, in the following chart "Your best words" would go from highest to lowest importance: cambio, bajo, fuera, meses, estados, maƱana, posible.

Word cloud

Depending on the degree of information we have about the notifications you have sent, you will see one or two clouds:

Looking to keep anonymity, we will not always show the cloud associated with the sector. Also, you may not see any cloud yet if we have not yet collected enough information in the language in which you send notifications.


Use the power of words in your campaigns

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